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Festival Overview

Cats across Sydney will be purring, meowing and knocking things off tables more than ever before! Why? Because the cat’s out of the bag!  The first major event dedicated to educating, entertaining and inspiring feline-fanatics is finally coming to Sydney Showground on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 August! 

BE THE BEST PUSS-PARENT YOU CAN BE with entertaining and inspiring shows on the WHISKAS® Stage all weekend! See educational talks from best-selling author and America’s Official ‘Cat Daddy’ Jackson Galaxy (live via satellite from Los Angeles), vet and animal-behaviour expert Dr Katrina Warren, and internet superstars Catmantoo & Didga. Check out the full WHISKAS® Stage program.

EXPERIENCE 200+ EXQUISITE RARE AND POPULAR BREEDS in Pat-A-Cat, the Trouble & Trix Breed Showcase, free talks on the Trouble & Trix Breed Info Stage, the WHISKAS® Adoption Zone, and in the Australian National Cats (ANCATS) and NSW Cat Fanciers Association’s Championship Cat Shows. Cat breeds already ‘in the bag’ at the 2023 Festival include American Curl, Exotic Shorthair, Munchkin, Ragdoll, Bengal, Foreign White, Napoleon, Siamese, Birman, Korat, Norwegian Forest Cats, Siberian, Somali, British Shorthair, Korat, Oriental, Tonkinese, Burmese, Maine Coon, Persian, Toyger and Chinchilla. Check out Breeder updates.

SPOIL YOUR KITTY with stacks of new products, samples, show specials and cat-friendly accessories, beds, enclosures, litter, doors, food, insurers, pet-tech, photographers, retailers, toys, treats, vets and more! Click here to check out all the Exhibitors, Show Specials and New Products.

SAY HI TO HELLO KITTY in a live performance on the WHISKAS® Stage, then make some fur-ever memories meeting Hello Kitty in person, and doing Hello Kitty art & colouring-in, in the Hello Kitty Kids Zone! Venture over to the free Feline Face Painting then capture your big day out at our Neon Glitter Selfie Wall.  Get into the Zone.

SPOIL YOURSELF sampling from some of Sydney’s best food trucks, scrumptious cafes, and the adults-only Paws & Prosecco Bar, enter the Trouble & Trix Door Prize, visit the Purrfect Match Zone and wear your best cat-inspired outfits to the Kitty Cosplay cat-dress-up party for a chance to win cash prizes! Find out how to be our ‘Best in Show’!

FETCH YOUR TICKETS BELOW NOW AS THEY WILL SELL-OUT! In a truly paw-some move, ticket holders can purchase a strictly limited number of HALF-PRICE tickets to the Dog Lover’s Festival next door, with both events running concurrently at Sydney Showground across the weekend. Scroll down to purchase. 

GET READY Want to know how to get to the Festival? It's this easy. Have another question? See our FAQs. Like us on Facebook. Follow on Instagram. Sign up for e-newsletter updates. Please don’t BYO cats. Why? Read this. See you at one of World’s Greatest Cat-Celebratory Festivals for Cat Lovers! 


Saturday 26 August: 9:30am - 5pm
Sunday 27 August: 9:30am - 5pm


Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, (The Festivals is located in Halls 3 and 4 with The Dog Lovers Festival in the Dome, Hall 2A and 2B)
Sydney Showground