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Terms and Conditions

Purchasing Information

  • You are purchasing your tickets for this Event from:
    • Oliver Kinross Ltd ("Event Organiser" or "Seller")
    • ABN: 91 233 019 796 
    • Email: [email protected]
  • The transaction is being processed and facilitated through the ticketing website of:
    • Ematter Technologies Pty Ltd
    • ABN: 27 093 085 977
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Phone: 1300 884 226
    • Address: GPO Box 647, Brisbane QLD 4001
  • All transactions are in Australian Dollars (AUD) unless otherwise stated
  • Subject to the terms and conditions in relation to each event, Lüp will hold ticketing funds on trust on behalf of the Customer until commencement of the relevant event. On commencement of the relevant event, Lüp will then hold those funds as agent for the Event Organiser.

Delivery of Your Tickets

  • Your tickets will be delivered electronically via email. (E-tickets)
  • You can then print these or bring them on your phone or tablet to the event so we can scan you in at the door.
  • We will send you your e-ticket as soon as you complete your purchase

Processing and Credit Card Fees

  • If there are any processing or credit card fees, these will be calculated and shown to you during purchase.
  • If there is $0 or no value in 'Fees' column or fields, that means there are no fees applicable to your purchase.

Refund and Returns

  • Refunds and returns are covered under the policy of the Event Organiser, and do not limit your rights under Australian consumer law:
    • All transactions are final. No refunds are permitted, except as required by law.
    • In the case of an event cancellation or postponement, refunds will be provided to patrons who have purchased tickets for the cancelled event.
    • Refunds will also be charged a fee equivalent to the same amount as your booking fee on purchase


  • All transactions with us are protected using 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure the security of your personal information and credit card data.
  • All payments are processed directly with Westpac and none of your credit card details are stored on our servers

Privacy Policy

  • You consent to Lup / Expo News Pty Ltd dealing with your personal information in accordance with its privacy policy.
  • Your information is shared with the Event Organiser, to enable them to communicate to you regarding the event.
  • If you wish to be removed from any lists please email us at [email protected]

Competition Terms

By answering “Yes please, and keep me up to date on specials, events and promotions with Lüp Rewards” you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the competition being conducted by Ematter Technologies Pty Ltd ACN 093 085 977 trading as Lüp and Lüp Tickets ABN 27 093 085 977 of Suite 1203, 200 Mary Street, Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia 

The terms and conditions for Lüp’s competition can be found here

Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions

By entering your details you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below.

  • By scanning your QR Code at any exhibitor, you are agreeing for your details to be supplied to them and to their Terms and Conditions. (See exhibitor's stands for more details)
  • Organiser terms and conditions - By registering for Sydney Build 2023, you acknowledge that you are opting in to receive communications and updates in the lead up to the show (however you have the right to opt-out of these emails at any stage)


(a) "web" or "web site" or "site" means the system or database on which the personal information is stored;
(b) "You" or "your" means Expo News Pty Ltd
(c) "I", "my" or "me" means the person who has entered information into any electronic form on a site
(d) "information" or "personal information" means any information entered into any electronic form that is provided that may identify a person
(e) "Show" or "Expo" means the event for which you registered 


  • I confirm that the information I have entered is completely accurate, and in particular I have taken care to ensure that my email address is correctly entered.
  • I agree and consent to my personal information being utilised for current and future competitions, draws, lotteries and promotions by the promoters and exhibitors of the Show.
  • I agree and consent to, for promotional purposes, you providing the information I have entered into any electronic form on your site to entities/businesses attached, related, affiliated or associated to the Show, including but not limited to the Event Organiser, presenters, sponsors, exhibitors and suppliers.
  • I agree that by my entering into any competitions at the Show, that I agree and consent to my personal information being utilised by such competition for the competition purposes and the promoter of the competition and authorise the publication of my details as they relate to the competition.
  • I agree that you will not be liable to me, except in the case of fraud, for any act or omission (whether negligent or misleading or deceptive or otherwise) by you in the performance or purported performance of your obligations under these terms and conditions.
  • I indemnify you against all claims, except in the case of fraud, arising out of or in any way connected with any act or omission by you in the performance or purported performance of your obligations under these terms and conditions.
  • I agree that liability on your part or on the part of your servants or agents for damages for or in respect of any claim arising out of or in connection with the relationship established by this agreement or any conduct under it or any orders or instructions given to you by me , shall not in any event (and whether or not such liability results from or involves negligence) exceed $50.00.
  • I agree that by my entering information into any electronic form on your site, that I am agreeing to the terms and conditions herein and to the Disclaimer.

To view the privacy statement, click here

Further, once an allocation of space/shell has been made in accordance with the foregoing, should he/she subsequently decide for any reason to withdraw from the Exhibition he shall promptly inform the Organiser in writing and he/she shall be liable to pay the following cancellation charges: if more than 8 months notice of cancellation (before Day 1 of the exhibition commencing) is given to the Organiser, 30% of the value of the booked stand plus GST/applicable local taxes. If more than 6 months notice of cancellation, but less than 8 months notice of cancellation (before Day 1 of the exhibition commencing) is given to the Organiser, 60% of the value of the booked stand plus GST/applicable local taxes. If less than 6 months notice of cancellation (before Day 1 of the exhibition commencing) is given to the Organiser,100% of the agreed price of the booked stand plusGST/applicable local taxes.


  • The VIP ticket fee is inclusive of conference materials received on the day, event presentations to be emailed post-show, drinks in the VIP area for evening networking and a copy of the Sydney Build construction directory (a GDPR compliant opt-in database of construction professionals attending Sydney Build).
  • Payment terms: Payment is be made immediately. All prices quoted are net of applicable taxes. The Organiser reserves the right to charge applicable taxes in addition to the above price. A VAT receipt will be issued on receipt of full payment. Credit card payments may be taken and charged in GBP using the latest conversion rate of the Bank of England. Once the payment has been made, the agreement is complete, and the customer has implied authority to enter this agreement with the Organiser. 
  • Substitutions can be made at no extra charge up to 2 days before the event. Cancellations received in writing more than 7 days before the event will receive a full credit voucher. Credit vouchers can not be issued for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the event. Credit vouchers may be used towards payment for any other event of the organiser in the following 12 months. The credit voucher/substitution policy stands even if payment has not been received as at the time of cancellation.
  • The organiser will make every reasonable effort to adhere to the advertised conference package but reserves the right to change dates, location, content, speakers or topics if necessary. Any communication concerning the event shall not form part of the contract. If an event is cancelled for any reason the client shall receive a full credit voucher.
  • The customer is wholly responsible for booking and paying for all travel, accommodation and other services associated with attendance at an event. Under no circumstances shall the organiser be liable for any expenses incurred by the customer even if the event is cancelled, postponed or modified in any way. It is agreed that the customer will only book such services where the customer has the right and ability to cancel these without cost or penalty and retains and accepts full ability and responsibility to do so.
  • The organiser shall have no liability whatsoever for any indirect costs or expenses or any consequential losses howsoever incurred by the customer in any circumstances including, for example, lost profits, lost revenues, lost business opportunity, lost goodwill.
  • The organiser acts as organiser and co-ordinator of the event and will subcontract all presentation duties and preparation of all course materials and accepts no liability for the acts or omissions of its sub-contractors or for any aspect of the information, views or data presented at any event.
  • Events will be located in suitable conference facilities within hotels, conference halls etc. The organiser will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that such premises are suitable and appropriate for such events but shall have no liability for any accident, inconvenience, theft, loss, damage, non-availability of facilities or any other difficulty or loss at such event where this is beyond the reasonable control of the organiser.
  • Data Protection. The customer agrees that some data concerning the customer will be included within the conference delegate list. The delegate list will be made available to selected third parties involved in the conference. Please advise the organiser in writing if you do not wish to be included in the delegate list.
  • Force Majeure. Under no circumstances shall the Organiser have any liability whatsoever for the direct or indirect consequences of any act, loss, damage, expense, mistake, omission or any other event of any type which is outside its reasonable control. Nor shall it be liable for the consequences of any cancellation, postponement, truncation or relocation of the Event or any services due to such incident or event.  In the event that any incident or problem shall make the premises unavailable or unfit for occupancy or make any contractor or essential service or facility unavailable or shall seriously affect transport to the event or disrupt the Event in any way then at the sole discretion of the Organiser the Event and services related to the Event may be cancelled, postponed, modified, truncated or relocated or the planned preparation times and services may be changed or reduced. Such incident or event giving rise to such a decision by the Organiser might include, but is not limited to, fire; flood; adverse weather conditions; transport disruption; Government or emergency services activity or advice; terrorism; malicious damage; strike, lockout or labour dispute; non-availability of the premises for any reason. In the event of such a decision to cancel, postpone, truncate or relocate by the Organiser or to change or reduce the planned preparation times and services then the Organiser shall have no liability to indemnify or reimburse the Customer in respect of any direct or indirect loss, damage, charges, expenses or amounts paid to the Organiser.  In the event that visitor or delegate attendee numbers are reduced in any way by such incident as described above then the Organiser shall not be liable to indemnify nor reimburse the Customer in any respect. 
  • Severability. If any term is held to be invalid or unenforceable then that shall not prevent the remainder of this agreement from remaining valid.
  • Governing law. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England.
  • Should any applicable sanctions, legislation or bank regulations prohibit this event or make its operation impractical then the organiser reserves the right to relocate the event to another country or region as appropriate.